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Jenni Hill is 24 and determined to buy a house of her own. Here's how she's changed her lifestyle in order to save thousands towards her dream.

What does it take for a young person to buy a home today? Back in 1969, official data shows that the typical first-time buyer would have been just 25 years old and their first home would have cost around £4,000.

Fast forward to 2015 where analysis from Halifax reveals that the average new buyer is now 31, with Office for National Statistics data showing that the average price for a starter home is £211,000.

This family managed to go on an 18 month world adventure without paying a penny for their accommodation - this is how they did it and how you could too.

Ever dreamed about packing up, taking the children out of school and travelling the world?

For most of us, the terrifying costs of such an adventure quickly put pay to such pipe dreams - there's the mortgage or rent to pay, the family to feed, the bills to meet.

We look at how ‘Generation Rent' can ask for improvements and upgrades to their homes...

We're becoming a nation of renters, according to a new report from Halifax. Its research has shown that the number of young people saving towards a deposit has dropped considerably.

Last year 57% of people aged between 20 and 45 were saving up to buy a home, but this year just 43% are doing the same.

We chuck out 86m chickens a year as a nation. Here's how to stop the waste...

Did you know we waste 21% less food now than we did in 2007? Hooray for us, that's incredible progress.

But despite that considerable improvement the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign warns that we're still chucking out the equivalent of six meals a week.

Our money saving columnist takes her first trip to a discounter to see what all the fuss is about.

I have never been inside an Aldi. There, I said it.

Although my friends rave about the prices and value, and my husband occasionally slips in to buy prize-winning booze, I have not personally shopped in an Aldi, Lidl or any of the discount supermarkets taking Britain by storm.